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         THE VOLLER SYSTEM: Helping you to help yourself.

         I'm not just interested in examining every last corridor  

         and facet of the human psyche, but more interested in  

         solving each and everyday common problems that face

         us all. Necessity comes before Philosophy.

         Thinking your way out of depression without action  

         can create more depression.

         The key is to view everything in the realm of the globe.

         A panic attack is you relaxing badly.

         Only your perspective of the past can change. So

         change that.

         When we stay calm there is a solution to nearly every

         problem. And when there isn't, just let go.

         If you become your own work of art, you will always  

         fail in reaching a higher purpose.

         There are not many people to smile to inside the

         house. The best council in the world is to go outside.

         The meaning of life is to leave the world a better place

         before you leave and to make each day better than the

         one before.

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                  EARTHBORN META-ANIMATION  

                   is a style of psychology created solely by Andrew Voller which allies people with the natural rhythms of nature to help them cope better with the rigid pyramid of societies.

    The aim is to find your natural flow, accept societies constant paradigm, find a happy balance and flourish into free thinking.

    Essentially, I simultaneously teach people about the beauty of nature whilst we work together, as a team, to solve every last emotional and real life problem you have: One by One.

    By understanding the way a tree grows and how you can grow healthily, we can create a beautiful horizon to life everywhere we go.

    Earthborn Meta-Animation changes our perception of time, making us feel good and calmer and most of all, happy with our lives. By standing up to and facing all of our internal and outside problems in a positive and logical way you learn that life is to be enjoyed, not just lived.

    The path to Enlightenment teaches us that every living creature in the universe has a right to freedom - to live at one with Mother Nature. But first we must feel good, then see the truth and further move forward to make our lives and this world a better place to live in.

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